Monday, June 17, 2013


After settling on one design for our Electric Vehicle, we needed to make a rapid prototype to examine how the steering might work for our proposed design. With limited access to the workshop (as we hadn’t been safety-trained yet), we fashioned together a quick prototype using washers for wheels, screws and bolts for axels, and foam board for the main body.

 Wheels and axels in position.

Fully constructed prototype. Only the steering mechanism needed to be tested, so things like seats and motors were left unrepresented.

Testing of the steering mechanism. The real EV would not be constructed to turn in this manner, but cutting these grooves allowed us to simulate a steering system quickly and simply.
Overall, this prototype demonstrated a capability to make turns, and while of limited applicability to the full sized EV, gave us the confidence we required to proceed with the design.

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