Monday, June 17, 2013

Team Celeris——Design Concepts

In the initial stages of the design process, we each developed 3 designs independently for the proposed EV. After intense discussion, we arrived at the model – ‘CELERIS’(shown at the bottom).

Functionally a bicycle with caster wheels for support, CELERIS was conceived as a vehicle with the speed, flexibility and handling of a bicycle while possessing the stability of a four-wheeled vehicle. In addition, the driver is seated in an upright position, allowing for increased comfort and field of vision. However, the resultant higher center of gravity requires special attention paid to the design of the vehicle to ensure stability during turns.

To achieve this balance, the caster wheels are attached to the main body with flexible joints. This allows the rider and vehicle to lean to one side, while his/her center of gravity remains within the base formed by the three wheels (two main and one caster wheel).

To allow multiple methods of steering, the front wheel can also be turned, like a bicycle (not reflected in this sketch). With the battery and motor components mounted beneath the seat, the center of gravity during normal operation remains firmly within the intersection of all four wheels, maximizing base stability.


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